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    ·  Who is responsible for this?

    ·  Who is responsible for this?

    I am The Frenetic movie-man. I race from theater to theater on Saturday afternoons. Good Sci-Fi and Action/Adventure films make the Frenetic movie-man a very happy man. This movie nut actually sat through Missing In Action-2, twice in one day. Lesson #1: Never drink a Big Gulp? before a movie. Lesson #2: If you are smart you won't sit through Missing In Action-2 even once. Enough about me - on with the reviews!!

    He likes to whistle the Toys 'R Us song {I don't wanna grow up...} while he putters around the house. He enjoys brain-washing his two kids with Monty Python and Science Fiction movies. He adores his wife and the patience she has with him.

    I am JaB for short, cuz I enjoy taking a jab at movie critics who do not know up from down, or bad from good. My main jab: one cannot truly rate a cine with merely a thumb or a series of stars. Yes, three stars are a favorable rating over a two star rating, but the movie may not have three acting stars worth the praise. And with thumbs, well, anyone who puts his or her belief in Siskel and Ebert's method probably also believes that $15 for a ticket, a popcorn and a drink of mostly ice is a bargain. The 29 scale is the intelligent way.

    I firmly base my belief in rating a movie by how I feel before, during and after a veiwing. I ask myself," Do I want to drive to the theater or fuss with calling friends to go see this?", "Am I getting my money's worth watching this thing?" and lastly "Was it worth my time? e.g. Did this film make me think/jump out of my seat/bring a tear/cheer for the special effects?" I am sure most of you out there ask yourself the same questions. The 29 scale allows me to answer with a simple number.

    I was fortunately born into this world the youngest of three boys in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. (Now I'm a twenty-something Texan.) I grew up with my older brothers exposing me to their fantastic world of science fiction on one hand and media America exposing me to the make believe world of the young on the other. This was a brilliant combination to let me experience serious grown-up themes with playful ease, culminated by my favorite movies: Star Trek II-The Wrath of Khan and Star Wars-A New Hope.

    Both of these films deal with life's struggles, coping with death, love and war, and the hope that good will always triumph over evil. After graduating from college, having to cope with the death of a close relative, continually trying my hand at love and Iraq's Hussein causing a war, I too, hope that good will always triumph over evil.

    A movie buff from the tender age of 4, I am always in pursuit of the "enlightening" cinematographic experience. A movie doesn't have to have the big budget, big star, or even be meaningfull to the progress of civilized society to be enlightening, BUT... it helps! What qualifies me to critique movies? No reason other than I am a member of the opinionated movie going public who has yet to use up his fifteen miniutes of FAME! I also happen to be employed in the creative field of computer graphics for a marketing communications company, which translates simply that I am surrounded by lunatics who push conceptualization daily to the cutting edge. Ahh, sanity, what a concept!

    Ditto for the first two J.B.s

    He knows that Hollywood movie moguls and Madison Avenue ad directors kowtow and kiss up to midwesterners. (If it won't play in Peoria......) Famous Quotes: "That's just the kind of thing we like to see here." (rave review). AND "That was different." (If he could have bitten off an appendage to escape, he would have.)

    He is a middle age computer group manager with a BS degree from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. A pilot since high school, he enjoys playing his guitar and writing novels that people will never read.

    Born in a cave somewhere in New Mexico, He grew up with a pack of wolves that would drag him down to the local drive in movies every other tuesday night to watch films good and bad. Now he does it for a living.

    Bio's in the mail.

    He has been a California native since he was born, graduated high school and headed east. He attended Northern Arizona University. His original goal had been to get a Computer Science degree and join the Air Force ROTC to become a pilot. However, the Air Force has a thing for people with 20/20 vision and said he should set his sights elsewhere. Even though, Arizona was a rough start for a California kid, he left there with a wonderful wife, many good friends, and a love for hiking in the great outdoors. His latest goal is to move to Michigan where he can thrive on one income, start a family, and get out of the rat race. Someday in the future, he hopes to fulfill his dream of owning his own bar.

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