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    Category: Main ->

    ·  What do the ratings mean?
    ·  What are Movie Expectations?
    ·  Why is there an entry in "Movies We've Seen" and no "Expectation Review?"
    ·  How to I submit a review?
    ·  Can I copy or quote your reviews?
    ·  What is the Disclaimer?

    ·  What do the ratings mean?

    Each movie review will be listed along side a rating like the example below. We will endevor to entertain, educate and elucidate our findings to you.The ratings range from 1 being worst, to 29 being best. Here are two examples:

    [1] Robot Monster

    Highly regarded as the worst movie ever made. It does not even have the Ed Wood flavor to bring it up a level to camp. Hyper-Hysterical Cold War paranoia bundled with an overdeveloped sense of alien intelligence make this movie barely worth sitting through. {AB}

    [29] Star Wars: Episode 3

    This will be the final movie of the 6 movie set. What can Lucas do to make this series sucessful? What kind of ending will be so provocative to encourage repeat viewing when one knows the completed story line? Although I beleive that the whole 6 film series should be called the Rise and Fall of Anakin Skywalker, these movies trancend one character or issue. That is what make the first three timeless and enjoyable even when you know all the dialog. If anyone can pull off a totally satisfying plot line its George Lucas. He is a master storyteller. And now with the complete power of digital programing available to him (remember the remakes of the Episodes 4, 5 & 6 were just a test drive of what we are about to experience - note the wholesale changes to Mos Eisley in Episode 4.) Lucas is going to be able to create a universe so real and full of life, I think the movie public is going to be in for a real shock.{AB}

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    ·  What are Movie Expectations?

    We trash the marketing hype, and scour the internet for movies that will be making their way to the screen over the next 6 months to 2 years. Group29 Expectation ratings are based upon the buzz that a movie generates, subject matter, cast, crew, and our general intuition about movies. Expectation ratings are linked with the actual review in the "Movies We've seen" section where we actually took the time to see a movie we rated sight unseen.

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    ·  Why is there an entry in "Movies We've Seen" and no "Expectation Review?"

    ...or vice versa?We do not always get to see the movies upon which we have set our expectations. Similarly, we might actually see a movie before we know what to expect.

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    ·  How to I submit a review?

    Review submissions are open to members only. It is easy to become a member by creating an account. Scroll to the login box in the lower right hand corner and join!

    After you have joined, select the review category you wish to place your review.

    • Movie Expectations - If you have not yet seen this movie, but want to comment on what you expect and how it would rate, place the review here.
    • Movies We Have Seen - These are regular movie reviews, capsule or extended. DVD or In-Theater reviews qualify.
    • Product Reviews - Anything not related to actual motion picture releases will go here.

    Within the main page for each review section is a link to submit a review to the editors. For movies, supply the correct title as well as your rating in brackets. If necessary add a year of release between two dashes. Example:

    Star Wars [29] -1977-

    Make your review as consise as possible. There is no spell checker, so you are best off typing it in Word first. use the <BR> tag to break lines and <BR><BR> to break paragraphs. Links to other pages can go in a <a href="your URL here"gt;Your link title here</a>. The convention is to place your editor login between two braces at the end of the review {BB}. Then add any links to other reviews and expectations.

    Your login name is required. Your e-mail address will be filled in automatically from your login, but check it anyway. Sometimes we need to clarify information in the review.

    Dial up your rating 1-29.

    We have been linking to the movie title on the Internet Movie database That site has comprehensive information on actors, actresses and movies with excellent cross linking.

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    ·  Can I copy or quote your reviews?

    All Reviews and original content are Copyrighted by the writing Editor for use by Group29 Productions. Use of these reviews is prohibited without prior written consent by the author(s) and Group29 Productions. Send E-Mail to for usage information.

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    ·  What is the Disclaimer?

    This particular document circulated amongst e-mail jokesters in 1997. Most likely it has many authors that piled on disclaimers as it went around.

    The Group29 ultimate disclaimer can be found here.

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