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    Group29 Discussion Board :: View topic - Full List of Star Wars OT DVD Changes
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    Group29 Discussion Board Forum Index -> Group29 Star Wars -> Full List of Star Wars OT DVD Changes
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    Full List of Star Wars OT DVD Changes
    PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2004 6:57 am Reply with quote
    Joined: Jun 23, 2004
    Posts: 340


    Here is the Full List of Star Wars Original Trilogy (Episodes IV A New Hope, V The Empire Strikes Back, VI Return Of the Jedi) DVD changes



    Confirmed :

    - The opening crawl has been re-done to match the colour/quality of the PT opening crawl.
    - Lightsaber effects have been fixed. The colours now appear more vibrant and the blades better defined.
    - The lettering on various Death Star panels will be written in Aurebesh rather than English.
    - An improved version of Jabba inserted into his scenes.
    - Greedo still shoots first...however, Han’s reaction is 'much more realistic'.
    - R2’s panels will be consistantly blue in all of the space shots, instead of just a few of them.
    - The Dianoga now appears more lifelike and not so obviously Stop-Motion.

    - The matte-painted hall in the detention block has been fixed rather than just having a bright white light at one end.

    Rumoured :
    - Stormtrooper voices redubbed by Temura Morrison (Jango Fett).
    - The Emperor may possibly make an appearence to address the Senate in a new scene.
    - The Imperial March may be inserted into the score in certain parts to maintain continuity with the other films.
    - The 'Binary Sunset' shot outside the Homestead could have clouds to match Luke's later POV shot.
    - Rumours of work on Obi-Wan's death scene with CGI.
    - Door closings/openings could be smoothed out without the frame jumps.

    - Rumour that the aliens and other creatures blink now to make them look non-mask like.
    - Vader and Obi-Wan's fight scene may be upgraded with CGI work.
    - Battle of Yavin shots cleaned up and recomped.

    Denied rumours:
    - Bail Organa will not be in ANH, for when Alderaan blows up.


    Confirmed :
    - The opening crawl has been re-done to match the colour/quality of the PT opening crawl.
    - Lightsaber effects have been fixed. The colours now appear more vibrant and the blades better defined.
    - Ian McDiarmid is now in place for Emperor Palpatine's scene, rather than the monkey-eyed old woman. There are also a couple of new lines in this scene.

    Rumoured :

    - The Tauntauns could be re-done with CGI.
    - Rumour that the missing Wampa Attack sequence may be back into the beginning of the film .
    - 'Grander escape sequence' between Lando, Leia, Chewie, C3PO and R2 in Cloud City.
    - Possible additional deleted scene(s) with Yoda on Dagobah.
    - Boba Fett's voice redubbed by Temura Morrison (Jango Fett).


    Confirmed :
    - The opening crawl has been re-done to match the colour/quality of the PT opening crawl.
    - Lightsaber effects have been fixed. The colours now appear more vibrant and the blades better defined.
    - Hayden Christensen appears at the end of the film in place of Sebastian Shaw as 'Ghost Anakin'.
    - The Rancor's matte-lines have been removed.
    - Naboo now appears in the end celebration sequence.
    - In Vader's death scene, Shaw's eyes have been recoloured (to match Hayden's) and his eyebrows removed (as they would never have survived).

    Rumoured :
    - Palpatine's Force Lightning may have been re-done.
    - Rumour that the Jedi Temple now appears in the background of Coruscant during the end celebration sequence.
    - Work done on background matte-paintings.
    - Rumour that the Ewoks have had CGI work done to animate their facial features.
    - Rumour that Watto appears during the Tatooine celebration sequence at the end.

    Denied rumours:

    - Padme does not appear at the end alongside the ghosts of Anakin, Ben, and Yoda.


    Audio Quality
    - "I spoke with Ben Burtt recently. He mentioned the upcoming Star Wars DVDs. It seems that they were able to go back and digitize all of the original tracks and rebuild the show from scratch. For the previous Theatrical Special Editions they were only able to go back and re-mix and edit from the pre-mixes which were sonically limited by the analogue recording and reproduction systems of the time. Since Ben was responsible for archiving all of the sound on A New Hope, all of the sounds were able to be found except for a couple of foley tracks which I'm assuming will be re-done. So it seems that we will be hearing Star Wars in a way we've never heard it before. He did not mention if Empire and Jedi would be receiving the same treatment."

    Picture Quality
    - A huge amount of frame by frame restoration and clean up, along with fixing of all matte-lines and background elements.

    - Quotes from Lowry Digital Images :
    “There were sandstorms of dirt on the film,” says John Lowry, CEO and founder of the Burbank, California-based company. “In the desert scenes alone, we probably removed more than a million pieces of dirt. That means each frame literally had hundreds of pieces of dirt.”

    In many ways, the films of the Star Wars Trilogy were victims of their own success.
    “Generally, the more successful a film, the worse condition it’s in. When a movie starts out, there are some expectations for what’s going to happen with it, how many times prints will need to be made and so forth, then the studio makes a certain number of protection masters for printing. But if they go through them all, they have to go back to the negatives again because the protection masters are just plain worn out. Of course, every time you go back to the originals, you’re beating them up again. So, the big movies, the really successful ones, are usually pretty rough.”

    “The dirt was the biggest single challenge. It was just incredible,” he says. “We use automated systems here, which can remove hundreds of pieces of dirt in a scene, but in this case the automated systems just couldn’t cope.” Last year, Lowry Digital Images performed a digital restoration of the three Indiana Jones films, each of which had about 100,000 pieces of dirt. “In the Star Wars films, we removed up to one million pieces of dirt in a single scene.”

    Prior to the event of digital technology, colour timing was a hit-or-miss proposition done in a laboratory setting.
    “It was really hard to get right,” Blanchard (Lucasfilm Post-Production Supervisor) says. “But in the digital environment, there’s a lot more control. You have the ability to fine-tune things exactly the way you want them to be and bring out subtleties in the film you couldn’t get by the traditional method of colour timing. On the Star Wars Trilogy, we were able to retime the movie to make it look the way George originally wanted it to be.”

    Simply put, Lowry says the Trilogy was the most difficult project his company has ever had.

    “We’ve cleaned up more dirt on these three movies than we have on any movie we’ve ever worked on, including Citizen Kane – and that was almost impossible,” he says, trying to give some idea of the challenges his technicians faced. “The end result? These films are absolutely stunning.”


    (information taken from BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) website and the official Star Wars Magazine)

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    Full List of Star Wars OT DVD Changes
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