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    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith [29]

    Expectation Reviews   
    This movie and its two predecessors only existed as a throwaway exposition by Ben Kenobi in the first Star Wars from 1977. Yet, the speech grabbed the imagination of the millions of fans who saw the original Star Wars (now titled Episode IV - A New Hope [29]). What were the Clone Wars about? What kind of ship did Anakin Skywalker, the best star pilot in the galaxy, pilot? What was the uniform of the Jedi knight? What was the Old Republic like? On whose behalf did the Jedi Knights fight in the Clone Wars? How was Anakin such a good friend to Ben? And what happened to Luke's mother?

    George Lucas later told fans, upon changing the movie title, that there might eventually be nine movies altogether numbered I-IX. He projected that the ninth one might be finished around the year 2000. The robots, R2D2 and C3PO would be common characters throughout all nine movies. As we know now, he pretty much had his fill after Return Of The Jedi in 1983. But Lucas relented and began in earnest to produce the first three movies. His whole intention was to tell the story of the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. That implied that only six movies were needed, since the redemption happens in Episode IV. So the promise we heard some years ago that the cast would re-unite in episode IX, will remain unfulfilled. We cannot be too upset, since the stories have been carried on by fans and officially sanctioned story authors. Lucas has given up on telling any more following the Return Of The Jedi. He did hold the prehistory for himself however and this movie is the culmination of that effort.

    So, we have seen the redemption, we can only guess at the fall. In the opening of Star Wars, we are introduced to Darth Vader. There is no way he ever had a mommy, he was bad to the bone. Ben Kenobi later tells us, Vader was good once. But now he is only twisted and evil because of the Dark Side of the Force. Vader’s actions showed that his character could be redeemed if there was to be a happy ending. And Return Of The Jedi is the happy ending. So now we come to it, the answer to the questions: How did Anakin go bad? How does the dark side corrupt you?

    There are two sides to every story. We have known Obi wan’s side for 27 years. And we know that there are some “truths that we cling to” about Anakin and Vader. Now we get to see the other side. Maybe Obi wan doesn’t come out too good either?

    The title itself is interesting since we know that Return of The Jedi was supposed to be Revenge of The Jedi. Valuable collectible marketing materials exist today with this title. George Lucas’ point was that Jedi do not get revenge, they are the good guys. But that never left out the possibility of the Sith getting revenge. Part of the movie might be to explain why the Sith get revenge. So I look for a little “Talking killer syndrome” from Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine to explain just exactly why it is the Sith feel the need to seek redress. One other thing to look for, the actor that gets the line, "I have a bad feeling about this."

    This is the movie for 2005. Perhaps, George Lucas will be rewarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the body of work, much like Peter Jackson was so honored for The Lord Of The Rings series. On the other hand, the Academy already recognized Lucas in 1992 with the Irving G. Thalberg award. Awards or not, this will be the top buzz movie for 2005, and most likely the biggest box office draw.

    Based upon two episodes before, and three after, here is what has to happen in this movie:
    1.) Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader.
    - a.) He goes bad, real bad
    - b.) He hunts down and destroys ALL the Jedi Knights except Yoda and Obi Wan
    - c.) He somehow gets hurt badly enough to need a respirator suit, so he gets an evil-looking black one.
    - d.) He becomes a Sith Lord. Typically this involves slaying one of two existing Sith Lords. Since Palpatine survives until Episode VI, we can assume this means Count Dooku buys the farm* at Anakin's hands.

    2.) Anakin Skywalker has two children, Luke and Leia.
    - a.) Leia becomes a princess of Alderaan in the house of Organa.
    - b.) Luke goes to an arid desert hell hole planet to live with his Father's half brother.
    - c.) We can assume that the mother is Padme*

    3.) Palpatine becomes Emperor and displays his infamous "head slugs" in public, or "Comes out from the Sith Closet" as it were.
    - a.) Anakin becomes his second in command Sith Lord.

    4.) Obi Wan changes his name to Ben, and moves to Tatooine. This is most likely to be near Luke. He tells the Organa family of his destination.
    - a.) He does not change his clothes for another 18 years. His robes end up stained and patched. Important point here, I never realized until Episode I that this was the actual uniform of the Jedi Knight. I assumed (wrongly) they were some non- descript traveling clothes which one might wear on a desert planet, much like traditional Bedouin garb.
    - b.) He obtains Anakin's light sabre, which he assumes would have wanted to go to Luke.
    - c.) He forgets all about owning a droid, and does not recognize Artoo.

    5.) Artoo Deetoo and Threepio end up in the services of Leia directly or indirectly through Captain Antilles.

    6.) The Clone Wars between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and The Republic come to an end, but at the cost of the Republic, which now becomes an Empire.
    - a.) The Clone Warriors are replaced by Storm Troopers. I might assume now, following Episode II that Storm Troopers are either modeled after the clone troopers, or are clones themselves.
    - b.) The Senate becomes the Imperial Senate, the last vestige of the Old Republic.
    - c.) The CIS are constructing something looking much like the Death Star, which is co-opted or captured by the Empire.
    - d.) A Rebellion against the Empire forms, which gains popularity in the Imperial Senate. I theorize that the CIS joins the Republic to form the Empire, but at the cost of loss of political power to the members of the Republic. The Organa family, representing Alderaan in the Senate, is one of the most likely members of the Rebellion. This likely leads to its eventual destruction by the Empire.
    - e.) The Empire constructs Imperial Star Destroyers, modeled after the wedge shaped republic star cruisers

    See this movie, in the theater, on opening night, then see it again, and at least one more time. This movie earns the coveted [29] out of 29 points for an expectation. I have been waiting for this movie for 27 years. {BB}

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    * Roger Ebert's Little Movie Glossary, _The Law of Economy of Characters_, Movie budgets make it impossible for any film to contain unnecessary characters. Therefore, "any apparently unnecessary or extraneous major character is undoubtedly the villain" ("Rising Sun," 1993); or, "any neighbors who seem unnecessary yet are given dialogue will be more than merely neighbors" ("The Pacifier," 2005). (I apply it here, since what would be the point of introducing a character to replace one already deliberately built.)

    Added: November 12th 2004
    Reviewer: BB
    29 Point Scale Score: 29    [29]

    Related Movie Link (IMDB): IMDB
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    Language: english


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    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith [29]
    Posted by BB on 2005-02-17 19:21:46
    My Score: 29    [29]

    Top Surprise from Episode III:

    Alderaan shoots first...

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