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     Moto RAZR Part I: How do I copy files (Ringtones, Pictures, Videos) to my phone?
    RAZR phones - Neat things you can do
    So, you now have a Motorola RAZR V3 phone. (See the Group29 review of the T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3). The RAZR has 8 megabytes of memory to store ring tones, pictures and video. You are probably reading this article because you do not want to spend money with your service provider just to get their ring tones. And perhaps you are leery of some of those so-called "Free" Ringtones offers.

    File types
    Ring tones, also known as sound files on the phone, are either (3GPP) midi files or MP3 sound format files with a .midi or .mp3 extension respectively. Many computer applications can create MP3 files by ripping from CD or converting from other sound file types. Files can play at 128kbps compression and sound good on the RAZR. (See Part II: How do I build sound files for use on my Motorola RAZR phone?)

    are JPEG files with a .jpg extension. This is a common file format for digital cameras and graphics files. The best resolution for displaying is 640x480, although 320x240 and 160x120 are also displayable. You can use a free Windows XP program like to convert image files from other formats like .bmp, .gif, .tga, .tiff and .png

    Videos are 3GP files with a 3GP extension ( There are a number of applications that can convert MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media and AVI files to 3GP format. The video format captured by the RAZR is 176 x 144, so when converting a frame size close to that ratio looks best.

    Note that your phone provider may have pre-loaded pictures, sounds, and videos as part of their package. These are locked (their icon shows a little padlock). They have permissions set so that you may not see them when accessing the phone.

    Bluetooth connection
    One thing that really adds value to your Moto RAZR is a Bluetooth card for your computer. This is how I transfer files. There are Bluetooth adapters that plug into an available USB 2.0 port on your PC. They retail for around US$25.00. I bought a Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter 2.0. It needed the drivers loaded on Windows XP computers with either service pack one or service pack two. Bluetooth is not as straightforward as regular wireless internet and seems slow. But it does the job.

    Once the software is loaded on your PC and it finds the adaptor, you can power up your phone.
    1. Go to your RAZR and select the menu.
    2. Go to the settings and tools.
    3. Select "connections".
    4. Select the Bluetooth connection.
    5. Then choose setup.
    6. Make sure the Bluetooth power is set to on. (You can uniquely name your phone here if you want.)
    7. Select Find Me on the RAZR menu.
    8. Now go back to your PC and click on the My Bluetooth places icon. It should find the Motorola phone.
    9. You will need a PIN generated from the PC that you will then enter on the phone to connect.

    Once you have connected to the phone with OBEX file transfer, you can copy files to the video, audio, and pictures directory on your phone. You can also download any pictures you have taken with the camera. Only the user added multimedia is available. There are messages on the web that say this is not possible with certain Verizon RAZR phones due to the software version. My T-mobile phone worked fine.

    Check out this Detailed Razr/Bluetooth tip for Windows XP

    You can also upload java games. Java games come as .JAR (Java archive) files. The procedure for uploading java files is slightly different. Instead of trying to copy the file to a folder, Java games are transferred through Bluetooth by dropping the .jar files on the OBEX object push icon. Right click on the .jar file and select the menu 'Bluetooth device' inside 'send to'. You can also pair your device with your computer to make things faster. Once the .jar file is on your phone then you can install it

    USB Connection
    I do not use this method yet. However it allows you to do even more than you can with Bluetooth.

    - Wireless Internet Connection
    - Send and receive fax
    - Send and receive Text Messages (SMS)
    - Send and receive MMS (Multimedia messages including sounds, images and videos)
    - Phonebook synchronization between phone and computer
    - Calendar synchronization between phone and computer
    - Browse files of your mobile
    - Manage, import and edit your melodies
    - Manage, import and edit your images of photos
    - Manage, import and edit your videos

    You will need either a Motorola USB connector. The cable type is a USB-A to a Mini USB-B 5 pin. Your computer must be running USB 2.0. (This cable, Belkin F3U138-06 Pro Series USB 5-Pin Mini-B Cable, is a good example.) Some cables you may find are listed as chargers, while others are not. This is quite confusing, since the RAZR will charge when the power is applied. And power is supplied on the pins from the USB cable. Drivers must be installed on your PC before charging will take place however.

    Then you will need the Motorola phone tools (version 4.0 is the latest). You can obtain this software with a cable for around US$29.99 retail or find it on eBay for less than US$10.

    Here are two links to purchase the Motorola Phone Tools:

    The P2K tools from motomodders are also supposed to be useful. However, I cannot vouch for them.

    Check out the MotoX Forum for more info

    Motox Top 10 list of Questions/Answers, including where to find the P2K tools

    The P2K tools link.

    On to Part II (How do I build sound files for use on my Motorola RAZR phone?) > > >

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    Note: Keywords: Moto RAZR files
    Posted on Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 09:48:14 UTC by BB
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