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    Re: Harry Potter is the sixth horcrux, RAB is Regulus Black (Score: 1)
    by Kaos on Sunday, July 31, 2005 @ 22:13:51 UTC
    I also believe R.A.B stands for Regulus A. Black. On Order of the Phoenix Sirius told us Voldemort [snuffed] him, but he don't know the full reason of it.

    I agree with your wife: I don't know if Dumbledore is really [gone] or not, but his [extinction] (or fake [extinction]) was planned by Dumbledore. Hagrid told Harry and Hermione that he saw a row between Snape and Dumbledore because the later wanted Snape to do something he was not willing to do. (it could not be related with Dranco, since Dumbledore told Draco that he knew all the time what Draco was trying to do, but never tried to stop him because, if he did, Draco and his family could be [snuffed] by Voldemort). When they returned from the Cave, the only person Voldemort wanted Harry to look for was Snape. When Draco was coming, Dumbledore jinxed Harry, not alowing him to intervene, even knowing that Harry could stop Draco at any moment, not just because Harry is better than Draco dueling, but also because Draco never knew Harry was with Dumbledore and, under the Invisibility Cloak, Harry had the chance to surprise Draco and stop him. Why would Dumbledore want Harry not to act and protect him? Voldemort also stated, many times, he trusts Severus completely. Come on people, Dumbledore is so much clever to believe Snape just because Snape told him he was sorry for have caused Lilly and James' [snuffing]s.Dumbledore faced not just Draco, but all the others [DE]s, with no fear at all. But, when he saw Snape, he spoke his name with, as the book tells us, with a note of pleading in his voice. Why would he plead, if he was not afraid of [end of life]? (he tells on the first book that [end of life], for the good minds, was just a new start, or something like it. He also says, in the other books, that Voldemort's fear of [end of life] was his greatest weakness). It looks like he was pleading Snape to not give up on the last moment, to do what he was suposed to do. It is supported when we see the description of Snape's face when he do it: "... and there was revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face." Revulsion? And a last point: When fighting Harry, Snape just defend himself, not hurting Harry, and also stoping the other DE to do so. Why? Of course he could not [snuff] Harry, since Voldemort ordered so, but why not hurt Harry? Snape, hating Harry, his father and his godfather as he does, not willing to hurt Harry or allow other people to do so? And why, when fighting, he insisted on lecture Harry: "No Unforgivable Curses from you Potter"; "Blocked again and again and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and you maind closed, Potter!" And, also, why Snape just lost control when Harry called him a coward? A Slytherin and DE worried about courage?

    Another point: Why Dumbledore was so different this year? He was less patient than usual, having a more "heavy hand" with Harry, not allowing Harry to question his trust in Snape and being a bit more aggressive with Harry when Harry was not doing what he was suposed to do (as example, when he failed to take Slughorn memories), as with he was trying to impress on Harry a sense of urgency and concentration he never did before. He also had never told Harry, as he did two times on this book, that Harry's life was more important than his own life. It looks like he intended to make Harry act, to make Harry see that there's no way he could avoid his destiny, that he must fight and [destroy] Voldemort, not because the prophecy told him to do it, but because Harry could not live with himself if he not, at least, try it... a bit funny, since Dumbledore is the one who never wanted to [snuff], not even in a situation of great danger as that of the Ministry...

    The idea of Harry being the sixth Horcrux (because, as Dumbledore tells Harry, there's just six horcruxes. Voldemort splited his soul in seven parts, six for horcruxes and one to stay in his body. That's the reason he never actually died, because this seventh part, that stays in his body,just can be destroyed when the other six desapeared) is ingineous, makes us think a bit, but there's a problem: If Harry is a Horcrux, Voldemort is not aware of it (or he would never have tried to kill Harry as he did). But Slughorn tells there's a incantation the wizard/witch must do to make a Horcrux. So, if it is true, someone else would have done it. The question is, who? Lilly and James would not make death's Harry the only possible way to kill Voldemort, would them? Who made it, them? and how, since until now, the impression we had is that the wizard/witch who wants a horcrux must, himself or herself, make the incantation (because Dumbledore told Harry Voldemort has chosen this way, and not the Elixir of Life, because he never wanted to become dependent of nothing or nobody)?

    And finnally, two more questions: 1st) the R.A.B's note makes us think he had the intention of destroy the locket. He managed it or not? The number of horcruxes still out there depends of the answer to this question. 2nd) Why the end of this book was different of the others? On all the other books, the history started with Harry at the Dursley's, then it went on with Harry going to school, living his adventures and going back to the Dursleys. We already know he intend to go back to Private Drive for a short while, but why the book finished before he made his travel? Will something happens on it?

    I think that's all, congratulations for the excelent article and sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning it.

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