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    My theory spurred from yours (Score: 1)
    by Damaged5555 on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 @ 22:36:20 UTC
    There has been some talk about Harry Potter being a Horcrux and as I soon imagined the numerous possibilities it hit me, this fabulous theory:

    Now here is where I add my speculation. If Harry is a Horcrux which I believe because the diary knew about Harry, whom he should not know because he was created when Voldemort was 16. However since the diary did know these details without coming in contact with the real Voldemort it only makes sense to assume that the diary had the same connection to Voldemort as Harry does making them both horcruxes.

    Now if Harry truly is the last Horcrux this theory would reject the theory that the snake, Nagini, is the last horcrux. This would make Harry the Gryffindor portion of Voldemort’s horcruxes. I believe Voldemort is aware of this portion because he realized he did not completely die when he attacked Harry. It seems that making Harry into a horcrux took an extreme toll on Voldemort. It seems the spell casted on Harry created a different method of tear than a horcrux would on Voldemort’s soul. However you may still refer to it as a Horcrux.

    My better judgment tells me that Voldemort did not expect this event to occur on the night he attempted [snuffing]. His intended [snuff] was to make his last Horcrux from the [snuffing]of Harry (check page 506 of HBP). It seems that Voldemort realized he had created his last Horcrux with Harry because he had not been able to encase his soul in the item he had planned to use after Harry’s [extinction].

    It seems that Voldemort’s original soul was split and absorbed by Harry while Harry’s soul died from the Avada Kadavra because it is said that none can save themselves from the Avada Kedavra. This could be possible if Lily Potter gave her love to Harry by sacrifice in order to save him from the evil, Voldemort, within him. Voldemort would not realize Lily’s love would be within Harry because he would think the split of his soul by [snuff]ing Lily would be the portion in Harry. Besides, Dumbledore said that Voldemort was not familiar with this ancient magic. It seems Lily performed a prior incantation in the fashion of speaking numerous words in an ancient language as Dumbledore did in HBP when he released the protective spell off Hogwarts. Lily’s love could be what we see in Harry on a daily basis. Maybe Harry is more like Voldemort then he now realizes. Harry has the power of Voldemort, represented by his scar, but the heart of his mother, represented by his eyes. This spell could have been overlooked by Voldemort because of its complexity as well as its sacrifices or it is just ancient, you decide.

    Now, if Harry is a horcrux it would explain why only one of them could survive but not explain how Harry has the power to overcome the dark lord.

    While in the Pensieve, Voldemort asks Slughorn how to split the soul in order to make a horcrux, Slughorn replies, “By commiting [a snuffing]. [snuff]ing rips the soul apart. The wizard intent upon creating a Horcrux would use the damage to his advantage: He would encase the torn portion . . . There is a spell.” So you see, maybe Harry was saved by becoming a Horcrux. Maybe this was the ancient magic his mother used. Love would substitute the spell and save the person my encasing that [snuffer]'s split soul within his victim. Voldemort did say he felt he was being ripped, would he not just die if the spell was deflected. It is also said that the Avada Kedavra can not be deflected. This would still hold true if Harry merely absorbed the curse rather then deflecting it.

    Could this be the power over Voldemort that the prophecy has referred about because at the moment love doesn’t seem to be Harry’s power it seems more like a weakness?

    But maybe we do not understand how love can be a power. If it is true that Voldemort accidentally transferred, Harry would [snuff] Voldemort's true soul , supposedly the last. But soon after Voldemort died, he would soon come alive, which would be an ideal plan if Voldemort wished to live if Harry managed to [snuff] his true portion of his soul. Harry would then battle for control. Then at that point Harry will finally understand. He must make the ultimate sacrifice which would be [snuff]ing himself in order to save the world. Then love would truly be the power that the Dark Lord knows not of, also not to mention that Rowling has been hinting toward Harry’s death when she commonly says “how do you know Harry lives”. This would finish the story wouldn’t it? You might be wondering why Dumbledore smiled when he learned that Harry’s blood was used in Voldemort’s resurrection. Could it be that Lily’s powerful love is within Harry’s blood which will allow him to more easily overcome Voldemort with her love within him?

    These conclusions would mean that Dumbledore had planned this from the start. He knew Harry had to [snuff] Voldemort alone, and himself being alive would only hinder Harry’s abilities. So Snape gained Voldemort’s trust while giving Harry the push he needed. After all, do you really think Dumbledore would be outsmarted by Malfoy or Snape if he really was evil. Surely you can trust the man to make the right decision, he is Dumbledore. He knew this would be the only way Harry could completely [snuff] Voldemort. Besides why would Dumbledore tell Harry he had to [snuff] himself, that would raise some emotions wouldn’t it? So Dumbledore merely set up Harry with the proper start even if he didn't tell Harry the whole truth. Harry knows his power is love but he doesn’t know how to use it yet. With this dramatic and surprising ending I would not be surprised if JK Rowling throws this curve ball.

    The End

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