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    Tuna Is Not The Favorite Pizza Topping in Minnesota
    Posted by BB on Friday, February 11, 2022 @ 17:09:54 UTC (1131 reads)
    Read More... | 2285 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0
    Entertainment: FoodThe Group29 Editor writes "A google search of course turns up a whole bunch of clickbait repeating that stupid Barstool survey. "
    Confusing Rachael Bilson Commercial
    Posted by BB on Saturday, July 09, 2011 @ 06:27:38 UTC (4049 reads)
    comments? | Score: 5
    Entertainment: FoodWhile watching one of the reality TV shows. I will not say which, but it involves dancing or singing and caters to an adult female demo.

    I saw a confusing commercial. A huge traffic jam on the PCH. Hot model (Rachael Bilson) jumps out of her commercial and walks barefoot over traffic to get to a tractor trailer in the jam. The trailer has a giant brown sign with yellow lettering saying "Magnum". What is in there? Guns? Champagne? No! Ice Cream! An ice cream named Magnum. Rachael starts eating and making eyes at the hunky ice cream rig driver who gave her the treat.

    It did not sell.

    Bare feet + hot cars = blisters
    The truck side billboard ad was not selling cool treats of any kind
    That must be 300 calories, or a whole weekly intake for Rachael Bilson

    See the commercial here and judge for yourself.
    Girl Scout Cookies 2009: Salmonella and Anti-Semitism?
    Posted by BB on Sunday, January 18, 2009 @ 10:49:17 UTC (5626 reads)
    Read More... | 3646 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5
    Entertainment: FoodThis is the fourth year that our daughters have been selling Girl Scout cookies as part of their membership in Girl Scouts. Ordinarily the questions are "When do we see the cookies?" (End of February in 2009), and "Should we pay now?" ("No" up until this year). However, this year we were confronted by an unsettling statement from a neighbor who usually liked to buy thin mints.
    Reese's Whipps - Whipped Taste Sensation? Well no. .
    Posted by BB on Monday, October 29, 2007 @ 10:39:12 UTC (5818 reads)
    Read More... | 1301 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5
    Entertainment: FoodThe Reeses Peanut Butter Cups from the Hershey Candy Company are among my favorite confections, right up there with York Peppermint Patties. I happened to be in a Wal-Mart store the other day, when their in-store video advertising switched to a commercial for the new Reeses Whipps bar. It looked like it was chocolate around a fluffed peanut butter filling, which I imagined to be like eating a fluffy peanut butter cup.
    Coca Cola Zero Vanilla to the masses
    Posted by BB on Monday, May 28, 2007 @ 07:33:11 UTC (2914 reads)
    Read More... | 1449 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5
    Entertainment: Food
    And that in February 2007 that Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke was only partly a suitable replacement. I noticed that in the last month, Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke was getting hard to find. My wish has been granted. Coca Cola has taken their Coke Zero formula and released a vanilla flavored version.

    M&Ms Dark Chocolate back in stores for 2006!
    Posted by BB on Saturday, July 08, 2006 @ 07:20:58 UTC (3363 reads)
    Read More... | 2083 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0
    Entertainment: FoodYES! While shopping at Sam's Club yesterday for the first time in years, my wife happened upon a bag of DARK CHOCOLATE M&Ms! The new bag is purple with the Green lady M&M character on it. (Technically, she is a Peanut butter M&M) They are colored just like ordinary M&M candies, but the M stamp is gray and the word "Dark" appears underneath the M. I have not seen these anywhere else. But if you liked the M&Ms in dark chocolate that were released to promote the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, you will be very pleased.
    Girl Scout Cookies - Are they Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Do-Si-Dos, Savannahs?
    Posted by BB on Friday, March 03, 2006 @ 10:07:30 UTC (7251 reads)
    Read More... | 2697 bytes more | comments? | Score: 4.33
    Entertainment: FoodThe famous Girl Scout cookies have come around again this year. We have always liked the thin mints and peanut butter sandwiches, and hoard them in the freezer. Apparently, we are not the only ones. Everywhere I have worked, there has been one or more Girl Scout parents helping out by selling cookies at work. And they never have to pressure because most people like them. In fact the number one complaint that the Girl Scouts hear is that no one offered to sell them any cookies.
    What? Diet Vanilla Coke to be phased out?
    Posted by BB on Friday, November 04, 2005 @ 09:41:43 UTC (3794 reads)
    Read More... | 2006 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0
    Entertainment: FoodI saw the news in the Wall Street Journal and here at about Diet Vanilla Coke being discontinued by the Coca Cola company  in favor of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. Dr. Pepper has a similar marketing play, but in fact their Cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper product tastes like cough syrup. This is too bad, since plain diet Dr. Pepper tastes good in both caffeinated and caffeine free versions.
    Star Wars: M&M'S® Chocolate MPire and DARK CHOCOLATE M&M'S® return for Fall 2005
    Posted by BB on Monday, September 12, 2005 @ 08:50:08 UTC (4674 reads)
    Read More... | 2051 bytes more | comments? | Star Wars | Score: 5
    Entertainment: Food
    M&M Dark chocolate candies are returning this fall as reported at

    The candies are already at Target stores in the Halloween section, but I thought that they were just overstock being run out. Nope! This is an official release for the Halloween candy season. YAY! Interestingly, the bags are not available in the individually wrapped Halloween packages.

    As I mention in a previous Group29 article, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith Food Promotions, I have aquired a taste for the M&Ms regular dark chocolate candies.

    Each bag also contains "Galactic Gossip" I have attempted to log all of the Galactic Gossip I have collected so far.
    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith Food Promotions
    Posted by BB on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 @ 14:59:51 UTC (4476 reads)
    Read More... | 2734 bytes more | 20 comments | Star Wars | Score: 29
    Entertainment: FoodSince this movie on May 19th 2005 is going to be the biggest event this side of Return of The King and Titanic, the marketing folks are working overtime to come up with promotional tie ins.

    Several Food manufacturers are going all out to bring the yummy goodness that is the Dark Side of The Force to your kitchen table. Here are some into which I have bought...
    Put De Lime In De Coke ya nut and You Drink It All Up
    Posted by BB on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 @ 16:46:32 UTC (33530 reads)
    Read More... | 5126 bytes more | 6 comments | Score: 22.3
    Entertainment: FoodCoca Cola has found a catchy jingle for their Cola with Lime drinks. The commercial playing on the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship is the one with the researcher in a lab coat inventing Coke with lime. He holds a lime in his right hand, and taps a can of coke with his left hand. The music playing underneath sounds like maybe a calypso/Caribbean tune. The pidgin lyrics go something like this: "Ya put de lime in de Coke ya nut and ya drink eet ull up!" Then the scene changes to the CEO's office. The CEO is grey-haired and bespectacled with the classic 1950s/1960s black plastic earpieces and silver frames. He bellows in basso profundo to the research scientist "Now Let me get this straight?!?". The he turns to the Coca Cola board of directors and sings the same lyrics. The subtitles show "You Put the Lime in the Coke You Nut and you drink it all up."
    Reuben on a stick is a hit at Minnesota State Fair
    Posted by BB on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 @ 07:54:51 UTC (9321 reads)
    Read More... | 1722 bytes more | comments? | Score: 29
    Entertainment: FoodEvery year there are new "foods on a stick" at the Minnesota State Fair. This year is no exception. The big buzz of 2004 centers around the "Reuben Sandwich on a stick" presented by O'Gara's Bar And Grill in the Food Building.

    Dan O'Gara, third generation owner of O'Gara's, was interviewed at the Minnesota State Fair on the KQRS Morning show by Mike "Stretch" Gelfand. Stretch gave the Reuben on a stick a "two bite" rating.
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